A World Leading Brand of Industrial Laundry Machines

IPSO is one of the world’s leading brands of commercial laundry machines and laundry equipment. Our company is based in Wevelgem, Belgium. The IPSO ‘Stainless Laundry Solutions’ are offered to various businesses that require laundry equipment, from hospitality & health care institutions to coin-operated laundromats, launderettes and commercial laundries.

The extensive IPSO product range includes washer extractorstumble dryersironers, and auxiliary equipment, all available in a variety of sizes from small to large. Thanks to the efforts of our 240 hardworking staff, more than 15,000 laundry machines are produced each year.

Quality, performance & design in our laundry machines

Alliance International’s design team focuses on durability, serviceability, quality and performance, but also recognises the increasing demand for attractive design and ergonomics, even on highly industrial laundry machines.

ISO 9001 Certified

In April 2002 Alliance International was awarded the ISO 9001 Certificate, an international reference for quality management requirements in business-to-business environments.

Customer approach: global skills, local presence

Alliance International combines global skills with local presence through a network of local distributors. Thanks to this international presence, we have been able to establish a renowned worldwide dealer network, as our laundry machines are sold by more than 100 distributors in over 90 countries.

Alliance Laundry Systems

Alliance Laundry Systems LLC (www.comlaundry.com) is a leading manufacturer of commercial laundry products and provider of services for laundromats, multi-housing laundries and on-premise laundries. At Alliance Laundry Systems, our family of brands offers solutions to a worldwide customer base through the delivery of premium quality laundry products and services. Our corporate focus of putting the customer first drives our commercial quality product development strategy, marketing programs, and technical support.

Alliance offers a full line of washers and dryers for light commercial and consumer use as well as large frontloading washers, heavy duty tumbler dryers, and finishing equipment for heavy commercial use.

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